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The undeniable facts about the safety of Diet Coke.

On June 5, 2013, I wrote this post. It went viral and actually got millions of hits and was an absolute nightmare experience. Because, as you read it, you can imagine how people responded. I suspect today, where health as a religion has only increased, the responses would be even stronger. Interestingly, it was farmers and ag advocates that happily shared the post and made it viral at the time.

I would likely write it differently, and in the years after it changed my mind about some things. But today, I suspect I've nearly come full circle in frustration over all of the food and dietary special requirements and obsession with perfect bodily health.

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I sat down at the table with friends, enjoying our get-together at the diner. The waitress took my order for a Diet Coke. She left. A friend spoke up.

“They say that Diet Coke increases your chance of getting diabetes by a factor of seven.”

“I heard people were getting seizures from the aspartame in it.”

“Today the news said a lady died after drinking 10 liters of Coke.”

“That’s nice. Enjoy your glass of city water filled with chemicals like fluoride,” I replied.

Are you kidding me?

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