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Looking for faith-fueled adventure for kids?


Kids will love The Mysteries of Whisper Bay®!


why choose these books?


Appropriate Content

Unlike many books today, these books have no inappropriate content. This means that your kids won't be dealing with questions of identity, gender, alternative lifestyles, occult, alternate worlds, lack of parents or adult role models, or escapist fantasy.


Faith Building

Each character is at different point in their Christian walk. Faith is woven into the story naturally in conversations, decisions, and outcomes from the decisions they make. They make good choices and bad choices and learn appropriately from both.


Creativity & Learning

Set in the pre-internet era, the characters have hobbies and activities that will encourage your child to learn new things and be more active. The characters model creative thinking and problem solving. Unlike fantasy books, these characters are like real kids. No super powers.

C.P., North Dakota

"It took me back to memories of lying on my bed getting lost in my favorite mystery / adventure books. I can't wait to gift this to my grandkids. They are going to love it!"

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The Mysteries of Whisper Bay®  Mystery Club members get exclusive downloads, coupons for free or reduced priced downloads, and behind-the-scenes access. Club members receive a membership packet in the mail (one per paid membership) with a mystery for them to solve!

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have more questions?

Visit the FAQ page for answers and to read a sample of the books.

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