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Find answers below.

  • I would like to hire you to help me in some way.
    I have a broad range of clients, current and past, in areas of writing, organizing, virtual assistant, appointment management, and more. If you'd like to hire me to help you, or simply want to consult with me on your own writing, art, or how you could improve productivity where you work, find out more on the hiring information page.
  • Do you sell items wholesale to retailers?
    Some items may be available at a wholesale price to verified retailers. Please contact me to find out what products are available for wholesale. I will require proof that you are, indeed, a retailer.
  • Are you paid to endorse products?
    Generally, when a book or product is recommended on any Lone Prairie Art Works property, it is one that has been genuinely used. Should someone provide me with a product with the specific request to endorse, mention, talk about, or recommend, you will be notified at the start. Some links may lead you to Amazon or other shopping sources. These may be affiliate links, in which I will receive some compensation if you choose to buy the product. However, I do NOT take money to endorse or review products. Again, if this were the case, you would be notified at the start. Here are the disclosures, in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. No Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing the blog post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. Affiliate Links: Some of the links in the post are affiliate links. If you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Review Or Sample Copy: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned in the post for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Again, you will be notified if anyone asks or pays for a recommendation, but I will NEVER recommend something unless I actually like it, no matter how it arrived in my lap.
  • Could I write a guest post for your blog? Would you run my post on your blog?
    The Lone Prairie Blog has never run guest posts, nor has it run posts that it was paid to run by companies looking to get their keywords on other websites to improve their search engine rankings. It is common practice to "share the link love" by asking blogs to run posts that are generally content light but packed with keywords that point to a specific website so search engines think that website is an authoritative source. I don't do that. I think that's gross, and makes the internet a worse place by spreading disingenuous content that exists only to point elsewhere instead of bring information or enjoyment to readers. So please don't even ask me to do it for you.
  • Sending a payment to Lone Prairie Art Works / Julie R. Neidlinger.
    The website shopping cart will walk you through your payment of choice. However, to send a payment per request, or just as an old fashioned tip jar to support my work, I have several options. I know not everyone uses the same platforms for payment.​ Get a paid subscription to my blog Tip jar, using your credit card online Visit my PayPal page for a one-time donation Use PayPal for a recurring donation Use @LonePrairie on Venmo Request an invoice, which I can send to you for you to pay online.
  • Current mailing lists available from Lone Prairie.
    You may sign up for different mailing lists: Paper Newsletter (via USPS, closed for new signups for now) Substack Blog (most posts come via email) New book alert for The Mysteries of Whisper Bay series.
  • What are these books about? What books are they similar to?
    This is a series of chapter books for youth who enjoy mysteries, learning about new topics, and challenging their reading skills. They are not written down to the reader, but written up. These stories are set in a realistic setting (circa mid-1980s) without the use of magic, witchcraft, fantasy, New-Agey Star-Wars-type "force" or other special powers, superheroes, or anything but what a real person could do in a real situation. Readers may be confronted with new words, old technology, and challenged to learn about topics and hobbies that might not be as common in today's digital and fantasy-focused world. Readers will discover regular kids using their heads to make a difference in their community, solving mysteries to help people and in the process, learning how to be a good friend and follower of Jesus Christ. ​You can read the blog post that announced the series here. As to what kind of books inspired them...imagine if you mashed up the following books: The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Tom Swift The Dana Twins The Bobbsey Twins The Happy Hollisters Chesapeake Charlie Brains Benton The Mad Scientists Club Elizabeth Gail Trixie Belden Joy Sparton Crystal's Mysteries series Teddie Jo The Peppermint Gang The Thorne Twins Bro-Kee series ​ Those are the books I read as a kid, and that's where my influence comes from. These are books in which the characters have a Christian faith. Families are traditional, and the common ethics of gratitude, politeness, self-control, obeying parents, and honest are at work. When the characters make decisions contrary to what God wants, they experience the end result. However, while the books aren't going to be made into movies any time soon, they are not "sappy" in that the Christian elements are woven into the way kids would really think, talk, and behave.
  • What grade level are these books?
    I am not an educator, and I don't know what level your children or grandchildren are reading at. I've included samples to help you gauge the nature of the books. These are chapter books, without pictures. I'm guessing, depending on reading level, about age 10 to early teen. I don't use small words or basic sentence structures all the time. If you want kids to be good readers, I would encourage giving them something challenging even if it means you read it to them.
  • What is the Mystery Club all about?
    The Mystery Club is a yearly paid membership providing members with unique content and discounts. Some of this content may include, in the form of downloads, videos, audio recordings, blog posts, or other formats: ​ Maps, posters, coloring pages, activity guides, and worksheets to download Tips for young writers who might want to create their own stories How-to guides for things the characters do in the books Blog updates and information on what's in the works or coming next Behind-the-scenes photos or videos showing scouted locations for the books, how the artwork is done, and more Short stories featuring the characters from the books Free or discounted downloads and other related Mystery Bay items available for sale in this website's online store Opportunities to interact or hear from the author via mail or video Fun stuff in the mail in the form of a welcome packet (one per household / subscription) Some content will be exclusive members-only, some will be available to members first before anyone else, and some will be discounted or free for members. Each paid membership receives and welcome packet in the mail, complete with a little mystery to solve. Other items may arrive in the mail, with additional mysteries. Only one packet per membership fee is sent. Adults or parents of children must be present to sign up, agreeing that the club login, coupon codes, and downloads will not be shared with other people outside of the immediate household. Anyone found having done so will have their membership cancelled without refund.
  • What are the titles of the books in the series?
    The Crossword Puzzle Mystery The Runaway Island Mystery The Stage Ghost Mystery (not yet released)
  • Where can I find these books?
    Both the ebook and paperback print version are available on this website as well as wherever books and ebooks are sold. Search using the title of the book or the author name (Julie R. Neidlinger).
  • Do you have any marketing materials available for the children's mystery series?
    Yes. And, if needed, I can create more for you.
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