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My name is Julie R. Neidlinger. The name of my business is Lone Prairie Art Works, which I have had since 1998. I am a writer, artist, and private pilot. My degree is in art and art history.

​Though I now live in Bismarck, North Dakota, I grew up on a farm not far from the Canadian border. My family owns a Minuteman missile site, an odd fact that I discovered surprises people.

I love to read, write, paint and draw, ride horse, bake, hike, fly, and travel (especially road trips). I've been able to travel to Canada, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Nicaragua, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, several locations in the Caribbean, and all over the United States. But North Dakota is always home. There's just something about the prairie that won't let go.

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about this site.

Lone Prairie Art Works has been my creative writing and products business since 1998, and is a member of Pride of Dakota, which supports North Dakota artisans and businesses. I have been writing on my own website since 1999, and "officially" blogging since 2002. The early website was built by coding HTML by hand for each page. My blog is (I think) the oldest still-running blog in the state of North Dakota, and though it has been on many different blogging platforms, the site name has never changed.

I had a gourmet cupcake business, Lone Prairie Cupcakes, for three years. I've also been a pastry chef, school teacher, piano teacher, graphic designer, short-order cook, house cleaner, nanny, t-shirt designer, postal worker, newspaper photographer and reporter, secretary, investigator for a PI, copywriter, and virtual assistant/receptionist. I've helped my uncle in his welding shop. I worked and traveled with the international non-profit organization Nicaragua Resource Network - North Dakota for eight years. I got my private pilot's license in 2008, joined the Civil Air Patrol in 2009, and have been a member of the North Dakota Pilots Association (NDPA) as well as secretary (2011) and Vice President (2012). I was also a member of the North Dakota Aviation Council (NDAC) as a representative of NDPA (2011-2014).

That means that you'll see a wide variety of topics and influences in my writing and what I create.

I am an introverted farm girl at heart and am not always able to handle a lot of communication with people I don't know on social media. My apologies. It's not you, it's me.

"...taught herself how to survive and grow as a one-person work-at-home artist in rural North Dakota." 

Gwen Bristol, Dakota Lifestyle

what I do.

I work as an artist and freelance writer in many different mediums (art) and formats (writing). I've written blog posts, magazine articles, books, etc., sometimes as a ghost writer. My degree is in art and art history.

For personal blogging and writing, topics often include:

  • North Dakota / rural life

  • Faith (Christianity)

  • Humorous everyday experiences

  • Online life

  • Work experiences / observations

  • Creative / writing life


Books, magazines, email subscriptions, etc. that you purchase or receive will be of this nature.

Other freelance / contract work includes:


  • Basic web design / maintenance

  • Virtual assistant / receptionist / scheduler

  • Custom art / design

  • Ghost writing

see my work.

Published work and press mentions:

My art has been on display:

  • Angryman Cartoon on the TodayShow

  • Angryman Cartoon on BuzzFeed

  • Angryman Cartoon illustration in the Sales & Marketing Magazine (PDF)

  • Bismarck CVB/Tourism (available for purchase in shop)

  • Art Academy of Ohio: Chidlaw Gallery, "Booked: Contemporary Artist Books", (Cincinnati, OH).

  • Roland Dille Center for the Arts (Moorhead, MN)

  • Bismarck Art and Galleries Assoc. (Bismarck, ND)

  • Elsa Forde Gallery (BSC, Bismarck, ND)

  • Clairmont Center Gallery (UM, Bismarck, ND)

  • Heritage Arts Gallery (Michigan, ND)

  • Calvary United Methodist Church, large wall mural (Fargo, ND)

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Thank you :-)

upcoming events.

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