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How to write your own mystery story.

stack of paperback childrens books

If the question is how to write a mystery story, there's a download for that.

Oddly, one of the more fun things about the children’s mystery series I’ve been working on is creating the peripheral materials. My guide for what I make is ridiculously simple and unscientific: what would I have liked as a kid?

As an introverted kid who loved workbooks and all things paper and book with a wild imagination, it’s not too difficult to come up with ideas. There are coloring pages, project sheets, and worksheets to help the budding young writer who wants to do a little bit of writing on their own.

The latest is a guide to writing your own mystery, especially created with young writers in mind.

Using excerpts and examples from the books as well as unrelated examples, the guide is an introduction into thinking about what makes a story work. It also might make young writers more aware of what they like about the books they read, and even start to listen and observe people around them in order to learn what realistic conversation sounds like.


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