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66 things you need to know. (I got the idea from Martha Stewart.)

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::This post originally ran on my old blog on January 16, 2008. It has been edited for this publication.::

The February 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine has a front-cover headline blaring: 66 Techniques You Need To Know.

If that were the headline of Glamour magazine, I'm sure the techniques would be far, far different than Martha's recommendations, which included ways to cut an onion and get your whites white.

But here at Lone Prairie, we aim to compete with the big boys. So here is my list of 66 things you need to know.

66 Things You Need To Know

  1. Tie your shoes.

  2. Brush your teeth.

  3. Boil an egg.

  4. Working with fractions.

  5. Fry an egg.

  6. Writing "thank you" notes.

  7. Open a box of cereal.

  8. Read.

  9. Check the air pressure on your vehicle's tires.

  10. Keeping a houseplant alive.

  11. Vacuuming.

  12. Basic personal bookkeeping.

  13. Putting gas in your vehicle.

  14. Saying "please" and "thank you."

  15. Reading ingredients off of food labels and making wise grocery-shopping decisions.

  16. Basic grammar and punctuation so that you can write in a palatable manner.

  17. Figuring out percentages.

  18. Modesty, self-control, and delay of gratification.

  19. Basic musical concepts.

  20. Baking cookies.

  21. Basic computer troubleshooting procedures.

  22. Finding books in a library using card catalogs (computerized or old-school).

  23. Sewing; enough to repair buttons, tears, and slight general repairs.

  24. Wrapping a present neatly with wrapping paper.

  25. General history of your country.

  26. Respect.

  27. General history of your state.

  28. Taking criticism without making it personal.

  29. Sacrificial giving (giving beyond your means).

  30. Reading a map.

  31. Searching the internet.

  32. Using self-run credit card machines at the checkout without signing the screen with a real pen.

  33. That your mother doesn't work here.

  34. Tipping 20 percent.

  35. Politeness.

  36. Organization, without becoming a slave to it.

  37. When to walk away.

  38. Saying no.

  39. Saying yes.

  40. Playing at least one musical instrument.

  41. Disregarding advice.

  42. Regarding advice.

  43. Know which people are toxic to your spiritual life and when to cut your losses.

  44. Wash dishes by hand.

  45. Your weaknesses.

  46. Your strengths.

  47. Wash clothes.

  48. Checking the oil in your vehicle.

  49. Rejection.

  50. Acceptance.

  51. Ability to see through advertising or persuasion ploys.

  52. Identifying needs and distinguishing them from wants.

  53. Who you are.

  54. Appreciation of art, classical music, and books.

  55. Exercise and physical stretching basics.

  56. How to play an athletic team sport and an individual sport.

  57. Changing a baby's diaper.

  58. Taking care of a pet.

  59. Loving a pet.

  60. Knowing what it is like to have a pet die.

  61. What it's like to be hurt by a person.

  62. Going hungry.

  63. Needing help.

  64. When to shut up.

  65. The difference between freedom of speech and stopping the mouths of the stupid.

  66. The safe loading, carrying, and shooting of a gun.


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