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35 writing prompts with images to inspire creativity.

It’s not easy to find writing prompt books that I like these days.

I have several from a decade or more ago, but the material I find in bookstores is changing in a direction I don’t care for. This includes books on writing prompts.

I won’t bore you with my other reasons. But I’ve found that the prompt books I purchased ten or more years ago are the ones I go back to. They don’t expire; there is always a new way to write from the same prompt.

While sorting through my art, I came across the remains of a writing game I had started almost twenty years ago.

I can’t quite recollect the rules I’d come up with, though I’m sure they are in a notebook somewhere.

The game boards and pieces looked interesting, though, and I hated to waste an idea that had gotten that far.

I decided to turn some of the images into a writing prompt worksheet, and have made that available on my website.

I’m considering turning the text cards that were also part of that game into online writing prompts on this blog so subscribers can use them.

Maybe you don’t like writing prompts, though.

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You need to loosen up if most of your writing is for clients or projects with tight parameters.

Think of it like the gym.

At the gym, you have to have a leg day. You have to have an upper body day. It would help if you switched up your cardio. You need to do some stretches. Build your writing muscle the same way you do the physical muscle, and get off the treadmill to try something else.

Like some writing prompts.


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