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Alone Together: And Other Pandemic Lies is a collection of essays and original artwork about the pandemic.


In March 2020, the world collapsed. It was a clever demolition, done in a gradual way that made people believe safety and security were the driving forces. 


Under pressure to conform, people had to find a different existence. They found new paths to get past the obstacles, new ways to live and thrive. Instead of choosing the path of least resistance, they chose pure resistance in every form. They showed up at meetings and rallies. They refused to be silent. They refused to comply.


What this looked like depended upon where you lived and the people around you. This book is one possible path.

Alone Together: And Other Pandemic Lies (Paperback Book)

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This is a 300-page softcover full-color book with many images, both photographic and original art, mixed in with the text.

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