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Mystery Party Go

Faux mystery, but real dessert.

Gathering friends together in the hopes that one might be a murderer, finishing off the night with a fine dessert. Get the guides and find out how we did it.

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October 2016:

"Wondering Where He Went."

Someone has gone missing. You probably won't find him, but you've been a loyal assistant and so you at least want to try to figure out where he went and why. Maybe then you'll understand what's happened and if he's still alive or not. Invites, packed with clues, have been sent out. If you received an invitation in the mail, login using the information provided to register for the party and get more details about what to expect. [​CASE CLOSED]

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November 2014

"A Night of Murder, Mystery, and Slight Mayhem."

A mix of Edgar Allen Poe, Agatha Christia, and a murder victim who wasn't. Each attendee had an identity (but no, they didn't have to act and pretend). They had clues that included riddles, ciphers, photographs, negatives, and maps. And though they worked together as a team, one by one they realized they were being murdered, too. They weren't really a team, after all, but in competition with each other to figure out the mystery. [​CASE CLOSED]


"We made a fool of ourselves in Barnes and Noble."


Make your own mystery party where you live.

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