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This protest attracted Black Lives Matter,disenfranchised veterans, far-right groups such as Oath Keepers, and anyone who seemed to have a bone to pick with law enforcement, turning this into more of a protest against them rather than a pipeline. Law enforcement, and any emergency service personnel in North Dakota or other states that assisted in any way, were targeted. They were doxed, harassed via phone or in person, and received some of the most hateful name calling and internet memes you'll ever see. The book outlines examples of some of this in greater detail.
Community Support

Community Support

The communities of Bismarck and Mandan, and greater North Dakota, supported their law enforcement. Over the more than six month course of active law enforcement needed, every form of North Dakota law enforcement was called to Morton County to help, from county sheriff, city police, to North Dakota Highway Patrol. The North Dakota National Guard was also called up to assist. The community held several events to publicly show their support, and quietly raised thousands of dollars on their own to purchase food, energy drinks, wool socks, batteries, cold medicine, chapstick, fruit, and warm winter jackets, among other things, to provide to the men and women who were dealing with the protest issue. Some protest groups made a big show of donating a few food items, but many people did not realize the extent of what community residents were doing in the background. Various groups on social media and elsewhere took it on themselves to regularly donate supplies for law enforcement, whose budgets were strained to the breaking point by this protest.

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