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By December of 2016, over $11 million had been raised on GoFundMe alone through 5,000 different protester accounts. This didn't account for the money raised on PayPal or other fundraising sources. There was repeated evidence of protesters who were being paid to come and agitate. The corruption and waste of money was evident everywhere you looked, yet the gullible public continued to give online as the protesters created drama after drama and claimed they were standing against fascist, racist regimes when the reality was anything but. Black Lives Matter leaders and members were also present, along with various Palestinian and Muslim groups. Many of these groups have known funding (BLM, for example, gets funding from George Soros). The massive amount of fund raising that used this protest is shocking...what you see here doesn't even touch it. Nearly every dramatic social media post or video ended with a "here's my GoFundMe page" and some heart and smiley emoticons. If you want a simple answer to what this protest was about, it's simple: money. Getting money from gullible people, or paying people to wreak havoc for their own ends. For a group of protesters who claim to be "woke", they were easily manipulated not by "big oil" but by other wealthy factions who benefited from civil unrest and railroads. They pushed all the right emotional buttons (indigenous rights, environment, bad government, anti-trump, anti-law enforcement, women's empowerment -- everything) and got millions and millions of dollars and supplies out of people. Many also used this to further their "career" as activists, and fund documentary films (e.g. Wesley Clark, Jr.). You can see dissent among some supporters, and even among Standing Rock residents who truly supported the early protest but not what it became.

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