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During the protest, the farmers and ranchers who lived near the camps saw heavy livestock losses, including cattle, horses, and buffalo. There were also many documented cases of protesters poaching wildlife, in some cases doing so inhumanely (e.g. dragging a deer swimming in the river onto the muddy shore and suffocating it in the mud to kill it). One character you'll notice pop up is David Kam. He is a Singaporean man who, in a radio interview with Trent Loos, admitted he'd never been to North Dakota and kept referring to the Mississippi River instead of the Missouri River. Kam has a reputation, despite being from a wealthy class, to meddling in North American indigenous rights movements. He began fund raising (because this protest was all about fund raising) to "save" buffalo and create a massive preserve in the middle of the Great Plains. The Fischers, ranchers near the protest camps, had already suffered many losses of their buffalo to protesters and seen their fences cut, animals slaughtered, and chased to their exhaustive deaths. Their yearly buffalo sale became a target for protesters who somehow felt they had a right to the animals.

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