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Sophia Wilansky quickly became a rallying cry for protesters after her arm injury on November 20 at Backwater Bridge. She claimed the injury was due to a grenade thrown by law enforcement. Law enforcement said they did not use the type of grenades she described. Law enforcement collected items from the scene, allegedly including burned propane bottles with human tissue suggesting a possible incendiary device had been created by someone and had exploded. Federal law enforcement collected evidence, and a grand jury was convened regarding this incident. Some leaked information suggested a case was being built against Wilansky regarding the possible creation of an incendiary device to be used against law enforcement that night. Molotov cocktails had been used in previous conflicts against law enforcement, and the high rate of propane canister purchase in the cities of Bismarck and Mandan had raised concerns and did not go unnoticed by both law enforcement and citizens alike. In May of 2017, Wilansky and her father (a lawyer) announced on Facebook that they were beginning the process of filing multiple lawsuits against any North Dakota entity remotely connected to the incident. In 2018, Wilansky took legal action against the FBI to get evidence back from them.

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