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Ryan Vizzions (a.k.a. Red Hawk) had the Standing Rock Rising Facebook page. He also has the website. He took photos of the protest over many months. His photos were dramatic and, in the last days, you'll notice they were carefully framed so that you did not see the garbage in the camp. The narrative he clearly wanted to present, which is seen repeatedly in all of his shots, was the big bad police/military against peaceful Native Americans. He did not show the crime, drug abuse, and protesters engaging in violence against the police. Vizzions was not completely well-received by all protest participants, and as you can see in the screenshots, he cultivates a narrative of his own about himself. His images were widely used (sometimes without his permission, to his understandable frustration, as you can read) to support a false narrative which was, one could assume, his goal. Even after the camps cleared out and the tribe didn't want protesters there, he was still lecturing local residents online about their ignorance of their own state and history, and lack of education, etc.

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