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hampden photos: individuals

Find your family name to locate a picture, click on the descriptive link.  Where more than one person is found in the photo, all names will be under the name column.

Photos: Diamond Jubilee Book, 1979 Other Photos
Aanstad; Knutson Lunde, Neidlinger
Aanstad, Oscar; family Knutson, Mark (wife)
Ackre, Annie Anderson, Richard; Linda Simon
Ackre, Elling; Digerness Meier, Jack
Ackre, Ida Fahl, Caryl 1930 (h.s. teacher)
Ackre, Isaac Severeid, Hazel; Clayton L. Baskin (superintendent) 
Ackre, John; family Anderson, Tom; wife
Anderson, Tom; family Baskin, Clayton L.
Bjorland, Tobias; family Rudser, Harriet; son Mike
Boe, Hans; family Mackey, Raymond, Rose (wedding)
Borg, Graham, Linden, Paulson Anderson Bud Johnson, Edna Berg, Hazel Skaar, James Fahl
Burkstrand, George; family Berg, Don & Shirley (Neidlinger)
Craig, Dr (vet) Rudser, Mike
Dahl, Emma; Lichtenbarger, Mary Severeid, Margaret
Dahl, Ole; wife Werner, Elmer; horses
Flott, A.S.; family Rudser, Pete, Tommy; Harriet (Ronning) Rudser; Hazel Skaar
Gordon, Knute; wife Schonauer, Gordon; Vernon Overbo; Thomas Rudser
Harveland, Nels; family Rudser, Thomas and Harriet
Hasby, Elias; wife Rudser, Thomas
Hedlund, William; family Meier, Jack; Delores Schonauer; Gordy Schonauer
Hoiland, Ross; family Harveland, Marlys; Jack Meier, Delores Schonauer
Howe, Wranny; wife Meier, Kenny (GN Depot Agent 1945-1962)
Iverson, Gilbert; wife Meier, Dody
Iverson, Iver; family Meier, Jack (baby)
Iverson, Sophia Meier, Kenny, Dody; Gordy Schonauer
Iverson, Soren; family Boatman, Gordy; Jill Schonauer; Jack Meier
Knoke, Leo; family; farm Meier, Jack; Gary Harveland; David Iverson; Wayne Harveland; Allan Rudser
Knudson, Rudser, Skaar, Aanstad Haugland, Wayne
Knudson, Ole; wife (Glerum) Clock, Ardell; in uniform (served in N. Africa)
Lagerstad, Victor; wife Clock, Nels and wife; Christmas Day 1955
Larson, Andrew; wife Skaar, Frithjof; Skaar Hannah; Nytroen, Ingeborg
Lee, Annie Schonauers; Gordy, Claude, Vernon, Delores, Tom, Esther
Mackey, Harvey; family Schonauers; Tom, Esther, Delores
Martinson, Peter; family Wolf; Zola, Leroy, Middleton, Wallace, Everett
McDougal, John; Edward Wolf family 1943
(front) Nellie, Howard, Franklin, Middleton, (back) Caroline, John, Wanda, Angeline
Morstad, Otto; wife Wolf, Middleton, Nellie (Behnkie)
Mortenson; family Myhre; Palmer, Delorous, Pat
Mortenson, Martin; family Litscher girls: Helen, Sophia, Delorous, Adeline
Neidlinger, Ed; children Mrs. Litscher and grandchild Pat, by Litscher Store garden
Neidlinger, Harry; wife Mrs. Litscher holding Delorous
Neidlinger, Oscar; family Harpester 1
O'Brien, Thomas; wife Harpester 2
Overbo, Nels; wife Carlson, Ray
Overbo, Nels; family Clock, Ardell (army uniform)
Pederson, Gilbert; family Clock; Ardell, Nels, Lloyd
Pollestad, Martin; family Harveland, Marlys (young girl)
Rimestad, Martin; wife Harveland, Wayne; Alan Rudser (On the left is the Old Hall, in the middle is the Hampden Locker, on the right is the old red elevator and the depot.)
Rudser, Tom; wife Anderson, Melvin driving his buggy, 1918
Rudser, Tom; family  
Rustan, Henry; wife (Storlie)  
Skaar, Hannah  
Skjerva, John; family  
Storlie, Carl; wife  
Strong, Thomas; family  
Strong, Clarence; wife  
Thorson, Anton; family  
Waade, John; family  
Werner, August; family  
Werner, Elmer; wife  
Wesner, Albert; family  

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