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hampden photos: groups

Girls_bball_1953.jpg (57996 bytes)
1953 Girls Basketball Team

Front L to R:
Ione Ivesdal
Donna Martinson
Margaret Skaar
Janice Anderson
Delores Schonauer
Shirley Martinson
Back L to R:
Marlys Harveland
Geraldine Simon
Dorothey Simon
Peggy Winge
Audrey Janzen
Mavis Harpestad
baseball_team.jpg (379018 bytes)
Hampden Baseball Team (?)

Martin Howes (back, 1st on left)
Howes(front, middle)
basketball_bench.jpg (380221 bytes)
Basketball Bench
Jack Meier, David Iverson, Richard Iverson, Doug Schonauer, Wayne Harveland
baseball_team3.jpg (244629 bytes)
ball_team.jpg (81078 bytes)

Hampden Baseball Team
basketball_team_1951.jpg (199672 bytes)
1951 Basketball Team
Back, L to R: Lavern Hamre; Larry Werner; Lyle Dahl; Glen Severson, coach; Donald Iverson; Howard Wolf; Dennis Lommen
Front L to R: Kenneth Martinson; Ennis Dahl; Ray Wolf; Richard Hoiland
basketball_team_1955.jpg (227734 bytes)
1955 Basketball Team

Back, L to R: George Miller, Coach; John Martinson, Erik Lunde, Floyd Anderson, Howard Skaar, Arnold Harveland, Dennis Werner
Front, L to R: Lyle Woldmoe, Ralph Mackey, Vern Neidlinger, Sharon Schrader, Dale Simon 
1957_bball_team.jpg (218230 bytes)
1956-57 Bball Team
(District Champs, but not so great at regionals that year)
Front Row L to R: Wayne Simon, Richard Lunde, Ronnie Mackey, Eldon Harveland, Larry Thorson
Back Row L to R: Mr. Tunseth, Howard Skaar, Allan Janzen, Floyd Anderson, Dale Simon, Richard Anderson, Bill Janzen
class_1957.jpg (141960 bytes)
Class of 1957

Front Row L to R:
Elaine Hogfoss, Delores Schonauer, Marlys Harveland
Back Row L to R:
Bill Gette, Floyd Anderson, Allan Janzen, Dale Simon, Howard Skaar
hampden_4H_club.jpg (137088 bytes)
Hampden 4-H Club

Front Row L to R: Howard Skaar, Jack Neidlinger
Middle Row L to R: Ronnie Mackey, Wayne Simon, Soren Iverson (leader)
Back Row L to R:
Floyd Anderson, Dale Simon, Robert Gette, Richard Anderson, Norman Simon (leader)
party_gathering.jpg (134904 bytes)
Party Gathering
Front Row L to R: Judy O'Brien, Marlys Harveland, Carolyn Ivesdal,  Janice Anderson, Gerry Simon, Barbara Rudser
Middle Row L to R: Dale Simon, Mr. Tunseth, Delores Schonauer
Back Row L to R: Richard Lunde, Floyd Anderson, Howard Skaar, Jack Neidlinger, Bill Gette, Richard Anderson
hmpden_kids1.jpg (86292 bytes)
Hampden Kids
Second Row:

4th from the right Francis Clock
Bottom Row:

4th from the right Lloyd Clock
Top Row:

3rd from the right Earl Anderson
Others Unidentified
pioneers.jpg (97352 bytes)
Pioneers: Larson, Thorson, Pierson, Anderson: 
storlie_twnshp_group.jpg (85491 bytes)
Storlie Township Residents
skaar_hazel_schoolkids.jpg (167565 bytes)
Hazel Skaar, School kids
schoolkids_1929.jpg (153691 bytes)
1929, School kids
hampden_group.jpg (65232 bytes)
schoolkids_1929_b.jpg (169891 bytes)
1929, School kids
school_group.jpg (208168 bytes)
School Group (?)
hmpdn_kids_clowns.jpg (57185 bytes)
Unidentified Hampden Kids as Clowns
(Lloyd Clock in group)
hmpdn_kids_germancostume.jpg (46130 bytes)
Unidentified Hampden Kids in German Costumes
(Ardell Clock in group)
royal_neighbors_men.jpg (758446 bytes)
Royal Neighbors men?
Hampden Royal Neighbor Group.jpg (30778 bytes)
Hampden Royal Neighbors Group
Hampden Rebekkahs 1975.jpg (47589 bytes)
Hampden Rebekkahs 1975
Hampden Women.jpg (48303 bytes)
Hampden Women
Hampden Homemakers Club.jpg (41078 bytes)
Hampden Homemakers Club circa ?
boy_scout_supper.jpg (1760886 bytes)
Boy Scout Supper
, Hampden Community Hall
homemakers_1953.jpg (382295 bytes)
Hampden Homemakers, 1953

Back L to R:
Helen Neidlinger
Dorothy Iverson
Dody Meier
Esther Iverson
Pearl Flott
Mildred Mortenson
Lillian Erickson
Mildred Neidlinger
Hazel Skaar
Melvina Hedlund
Lennie Neidlinger
Front L to R:
Grace Neidlinger
Gladys Neidlinger
Nora Anderson
Melba O'Brien
Nellie Werner
Ruth Neidlinger
confirmation_class_1929.jpg (170329 bytes)
Confirmation Class 1929

Front L to R:
Eva McDonald, Mae Wade, Viola Damschen, Inez Iverson, Olga Salte, Norma Larwon, Ruby Olson
Back L to R: Elling Digerness, Melvin Larson, Alan Munson, William Woldmoe, Pastor Hjlemon, Clarence Afdehl, Deacon Hjdehl, Iver Remstead, Leonard Skadahl
Grp_1941.jpg (253887 bytes)
25th yr member: 1941

Verna Peters
Bernice Redford
Violet Hamre
Esther Schonauer
Nellie Werner
Gene Ferley
Flora Quarness
Gladys Neidlinger
Joan Wilhelmi
Ruth Neidlinger
Lennie Neidlinger
Bud Werner
Kate Reimer
Grace Neidlinger
Luth Ladies Aid.jpg (282058 bytes)
L to R: Mary Berg Aanstad, Margaret Christianson, Pearl Aanstad, Hazel Skaar, Hedvig Lunde, Eunice reimer, Martha Larson, Olga Thorson, Myrtle Harveland (Thorson), Carrie Peterson; Seated: Mrs. Gilbert Pederson, Emma Aanstad, Esther Iverson, Lena Ackre
Grp_1948.jpg (182266 bytes)
Taken 12/9/48

Mrs. J Anderson
Gladys Swanson
Esther Schonauer
Mildred Mortenson
Nellie Overboe
Esther Iverson
Olive Ogilive
Mrs. Gole
Dody Meier
legionaires_club.jpg (346893 bytes)
Back L to R: Rudolph Lommen, ?, ?, Ray Reimer, Kenneth Myer, Thomas Rudser, ?, Ray Boatman
Front L to R: Gordon Schonauer, ?, ?, ?, 
legion_1.jpg (96722 bytes)
Hampden Legion
boy_scout_troop_135.jpg (722787 bytes)
Boy Scout Troop 135
Back L to R: Olaf Simensen, Scoutmaster; Ronald Rudser, Richard Hoiland, Lyle Dahl, Donald Iverson, Vern Neidlinger, Larry Werner, Boyd Wass, Henry Wing, Scoutmaster
2nd Row L to R: Dennis Werner, Eric Lunde, Ralph Mackey, Floyd Anderson, Larry Schrader, Howard Skaar, Dale Simon, Curtis Hermanson
Front L to R: Jack Neidlinger, Alfred Tollefson, Richard Lunde, Eldon Harveland, Arnold Harveland, Ronald Mackey, Thomas Kelly, Archie Harveland
american_legion_2.jpg (110378 bytes)
American Legion
Back L to R: Henry (Hank) Wing, Mentor Iverson, John Ivesdal Jr., Ray Reimer, Bobby McMillan, Morris Aanstad, Gordy Schonauer, Larry Werner, Albert Harpestad, Ray Boatman
Front L to R: Kenny Simon, John Wolf, Kenny Meier
neidlinger_schonauer_furbur.jpg (68192 bytes)
Back L to R: Lennie Neidlinger, Helen Neidlinger, Gina Furley, Lucille Furbur, Nellie Werner
Front L to R: Ruth Neidlinger, Mary Werner, Joan Neidlinger Wilhelmi holding Judy Schonauer, Gladys Neidlinger, Jack Furbur, Aggie Schonauer holding Jill Schonauer
schonauer_schrader_cameron_etc.jpg (84229 bytes)
L to R: ?, Esther Schonauer, Helen Schrader, Grace Cameron, daughter Eileen, Violet Hamre, son Luverne, Mildred Quarness
hampden_kids_1925_26.jpg (128612 bytes)
Hampden School Kids: 1925-26 year
(with Delorous Litcher, and Mrs. Iver Iverson as teacher)
teachers_1924_25.jpg (126037 bytes)
Teachers, 1924-25

alice Borg, May Carroll, Ellingson, Olson
werners_hauling_grain.jpg (62804 bytes)
Hauling Grain

knutson_telephone_drugstore.jpg (49691 bytes)
Knutson Hardware, Telephone Office, Litcher's Drug


oakland_car_litshcers.jpg (160194 bytes)
Oscar Bergs Car
(an early Oakland)
Back seat the JJ Litscher family
basketball_1927.jpg (86573 bytes)
Basketball Team 1937
L to R: Harry Horton, Palmer Myhre, Carl Thorson, Bob Kelly, Andy Hjemland, Linden Borg
teachers_helen_rudser_horton.jpg (120838 bytes)
Hampden Teachers
Elizabeth H (Mrs. Pete Rudser), Helen (Mrs. Glenn Neidlinger), Midtmoen, Horton
thresh_crew.jpg (251257 bytes)
Threshing Crew
clock_group.jpg (235344 bytes)
Nels Clock, group
rudser_wedding.jpg (335552 bytes)
Pete & Elizabeth Rudser's Wedding Photo
L to R: Art and Edna Myhre, ?, ?, Philamine and Jack Horejsi, Elizabeth Rudser, Josephine Hoiland, Pete Rudser, Norman Hoiland, ?, ?
unidentified_01.jpg (97938 bytes)
hampden_ladies.jpg (159241 bytes)
Hampden Ladies
unidentified_02.jpg (97716 bytes)
hamp_farm_elev_ann_mtg.jpg (387291 bytes)
Annual Meeting: Hampden Farmers Elevator
L to R: John Ackre, Arthru "Bud" Johnson, Anton Burkland, Mngr. Carl Swanson, Frithjof Skaar, Tom Anderson, John Aanstad
hmdn_frmrs_elvtr_brd.jpg (206386 bytes)
Hampden Farmers Elevator Board

L to R: Leroy Wolf, ?, Mngr. Carl Swanson, Tom Anderson, Frithjof Skaar, ?, John Aanstad, ?, ?, Anton Burkland

hmpden_grls_bday_prty.jpg (65091 bytes)
Hamdpen Kids
(birthday party)
Back L to R: Marlene Anderson, Elaine Thorson, Marlys Harveland, Shirley Thorson, Janice Thorson, Joyce Hermanson
Front L to R: Myrna Halvorson, Arlene Harveland, Gordon Harveland

fresh_initiation_1953.jpg (111300 bytes)
Freshman Initiation, 1953
Back L to R: Elaine Hogfoss, Delores Schonauer, ?, Arlyn Logie, John Martinson, Dale Simon, Howard Skaar, Larry Schrader, Curtis Hermanson
Front L to R: Jane Peters, Marlys Harveland, Archie Harveland, Myrna Werner


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