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hampden photos: buildings and scenes


depot.jpg (12440 bytes)
hampdenold.jpg (44395 bytes)
hmpdneast.jpg (24587 bytes)
(looking west)
modelts.jpg (16276 bytes)
Main Street with Model Ts
postconfect.jpg (27140 bytes)
Confectionary Shop
hampden_mainst_2000.jpg (12340 bytes)
Hampden 2000
hampden_sunrise.jpg (10614 bytes)
Hampden Distant, at Sunrise
farmers_bank_interior.jpg (95278 bytes)
Farmers Bank Interior
houses_1.jpg (73606 bytes)
Hampden Houses
houses_2.jpg (62050 bytes)
Hampden Houses
houses_3.jpg (75137 bytes)
Hampden Houses
skaar_house.jpg (60915 bytes)
Skaar Residence
Willing_Workers_Bldg.jpg (262163 bytes)
Willing Workers Bldg.
harness_shop.jpg (302759 bytes)
Harness Shop
post_office_store.jpg (1094320 bytes)
Post Office Store
post_office_store_intr.jpg (520172 bytes)
Post Office Store Interior
houses_neidlinger_reimer_teacherage.jpg (152315 bytes)
Aug 1915
Houses R to L:
Mrs. Ed Neidlinger and Rosamond Neidlinger's house; Ray Reimer's house; former teacherage
st_hillr_lmbr.jpg (145858 bytes)
st_hillr_lmbr_2.jpg (156449 bytes)
St. Hilliare Lumber Yard
(present day)
knutson_hrdwr_intr.jpg (169486 bytes)
Interior of Mark Knudson's Hardware Store
depot1.jpg (546019 bytes)
Hampden Depot
elevator_horses.jpg (275550 bytes)
Hampden Elevator
horses plowing
burning_elevator.jpg (35158 bytes)
Burning Elevator
rockdale_farm.jpg (127687 bytes)
Rockdale Farm


sleet_storm_1932.jpg (86651 bytes)
Taken Oct 1932 by Andy after sleet storm. Shows Myhre store, cream buying station, and living quarters, also Kelly Pool Hall
myre_store_art.jpg (53098 bytes)
Myhre Store
(Art Myhre) Jan 1, 1929: Started a credit policy - no more credit, only cash.
town_old.jpg (127826 bytes)
litscher_store_customer.jpg (272078 bytes)
Litschers Drug Store in Hampden, taken 1916 (J.J. Litscher and customer)


mcmillan_cars.jpg (253657 bytes)
McMillan Machine Co. Storage
rudser_barn.jpg (147959 bytes)
Tom Rudser's Barn
built 1920
First one in area built with gothic roof - full open hay area with more room than farmers' hip roofs.  People came from Minnesota and Canada to see this.  It was on the 1921 calendars of a lumber company advertising the Shelvin system of roofs. Roof was wrecked by tornado in 1941 and rebuilt lower with pump room and gasoline engine to pump water.
town_long_photo.jpg (314813 bytes)
(about 1908?)
hermanson_barn.jpg (87358 bytes)
Herman Hermanson's Barn
harveland_house.jpg (45518 bytes)
Harveland House
(Used to be the John Caroll house.)
hmpdn_hotel_se_view.jpg (185694 bytes)
Caroll's Hotel in Hampden
Mrs. John Caroll owned the hotel. She had three daughters. She sold the hotel to Dave Damschen. It was eventually sold to the John Anderson family, who lived on the east side of the hotel. The Gilbert Smith family lived on the lower level of the south wing. Melvin Rusly lived upstairs on the south wing. The Ollie Martinson family lived in the west wing.
hmpden_winter.jpg (74785 bytes)
Hampden in Winter
hmpden_hall_at_end.jpg (65496 bytes)
Hampden Hall, 1928-1978
(before being torn down - trees already removed)

hmpdn_blizzrd_1966.jpg (75882 bytes)
Blizzard of March 4, 5, and 6 of 1966
L to R: Willing Workers Bldg, Hans Vick Hardware, Telephone Central Office, Kelly's Bar and Barber Shop, Goles Variety, Lommen's Cafe

olaus_thorson_farm.jpg (315117 bytes)
Olaus Thorsen farm in Storlie Township
ole_dahl_larson_thresh.jpg (304871 bytes)
Possibly Ole Dahl and Andrew Larson threshing picture
ole_knudson_confct_store_intr.jpg (136894 bytes)
Ole Knudson Confectionary Store Interior
town_fog.jpg (155939 bytes)
Town of Hampden, 2001 (foggy)
elevator_fog.jpg (145168 bytes)
Hampden Elevator, 2001
post_office_intr.jpg (101682 bytes)
Post Office Store Interior
mn_st_b4_mall.jpg (52259 bytes)
Before the mall arrived...
  hmpden_park_wntr.jpg (210050 bytes)
Hampden Park, 1989
elevator_sunss_crd_old.jpg (76345 bytes)
Old Hampden Elevator Business card


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