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News stories and articles originating from:
The Hampden News
Kenneth B. Williams, Editor and Publisher
Subscription rates: One year in advance $1.50.  Six months in advance, .75  Add fifty cents to all foreign subscriptions for postage.  Advertising rates upon aplication.

Mrs. Peter Kvaal of Hampden, N.D. died in a local hospital yesterday, shortly before noon.  One week before her daughter, Ragnfrid, died in this city, and last Tuesday another daughter, Betsy.  Pneumonia was the cause of death in all three instances.
Mr. Kvaal who had come to be with his wife, had left for his home yesterday morning - a few hours before Mrs. Kvaal succumbed.
The Kvaal sisters, who had come to this city some time ago for a visit with friends, became ill here and died three days apart.  Mrx. Kvaal arrived here early last week to help take care of her daughter, Betsy.
Besides her husband, Mrs. Kvaal is survived by six small children.  No funeral arrangements were announced last night.
-Grand Forks Herald
Funeral services for Mrs. Kvaal and daughters will be held from the local Lutheran Church tomorrow afternoon and the bodies will be laid to rest in Storlie Cemetery.

What might have been a very disastrous fire died a natural death in Victor Lagerstad's yard last week.  the fire started on Judge Cowan's farm where they had been burning straw stacks.  The fire smoldered all night but with the morning came the wind and started the fire anew over the stubble and open prairie.  The only real damage done was to burn some 30 tons of hay belonging to K.O. Borstad but the people living in that part of the country were on nettles and were working with might and main to protect their property.

An enjoyable evening was spent by about thirty of our young folks at the T.S. Anderson home, one mile west of town, on Tuesday evening, the occasion being a farewell party given in honor of Melvin Anderson who will leave Monday for Portland, Ore., to resume his studies at the State University

Brusnahan Bros. are redecorating the interior of their store.  A lunch counter will be opened and several alterations will be made.  On completion they will have one of the best appearing and fully stocked confectionery and tobacconist stores in this part of the the state.  

Herman Simons and bride arrived Saturday after an extended visit at the home of the bride in Wis.  Herman has been busy since his return passing around cigars and the like.

The TRADE PALACE was purchased by Timorth and Berg.  due to financial difficulties it was closed.  Erick Myhre and his family had moved in to town and he bought the store (1921).

Calvin Hershberger of Malta, Montana was an arrival in the village Friday afternoon for a brief visit with his brother, G.R. Hershberger.

Jess Bordson is now local manager of the St. Anthony & Dakota Elevator Company.  His past experience in handling grain makes him one of biggest men in his line and there is no question but he will hold all his old customers and draw many new ones.  Mr. Bordson's many friends will be glad to learn that he is to remain in town, and not a few have promised their support.

No. 24988
M.D. Wolf, owner, Hampden.

Will stand for season 1915 at the farm of M.D. Wolf, 2 3-4 miles south west of Hampden from 7 to 8.30 morning and evening.
North Star No. 24988 is fully registered in the Percheron Stud Book of America.  He has been examined and declared free from infectious, contagious or transmissible diseases or unsoundness specified in the North Dakota Stallion Law, and is licensed to stand for public service in the State of North Dakota.

Puils neither absent nor tardy for the month ending Feb. 2nd.
Primary:  Edith and Russell Bordson, Anna Carroll, Mildred Davis, Clara Iverson, Ruth Mortinson, Arnold Norum, Lauren Neidlinger, Myrtle Knudson, Francis Crary.
Intermediate:  Oscar Borg, Mae Carroll, Florence Mills, Mable Mortinson, Willie McDougal, Palmer Norum, Russell Mackey, Ennis Swarthout, Bernhard and Estell Strank, Clarance Mortinson, Hazel Butterfield, Clifford Davis, Ruth Iverson, Fay Neidlinger, Evelyn Crary.
Grammer:  Roy Mackey, Merth Mortinson, Thos. Rces, Bernadine Swarthouth, Elda Schinnour.
Upper Dept:  Terreth Person, Rase Neidlinger, Lorne and Edward Taylor.

We take this opportunity of expressing our thanks for the many beautiful floral contributions as a token of esteem to our late departed loved one, Mrs. Minnis.  Also to acknowldege the kindnesses extended during her illness.
-David Minnis and family

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the many acts of kindness of our friends during the illness of Mrs. Gordon, and for the beautiful floral offerings contributed at the time of her demise.
-K.T. Gordon and family

Last Friday evening Hampden came very near losing her hotel, by fire route.  The origin of the fire was in a basket sitting on the piano in the dining room into which a match of cigar stump had been carelessly thrown.  Some unusual noise up stairs woke Mrs. Carroll up and she rushed into the dining room.  Seeing the burning basket she grabbed it and threw it into the street.  The piano was just starting to catch on fire and few minutes longer would have cause a very disastrous result.

The pretty farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Berggren near Hampden was the scene of a happy gathering July 4th.  A goodly number of their neighbors and friends gathered there to enjoy their cordial hospitality and the cool shade of the beautiful grove.  They were ladened with boxes and baskets of good things, and after a bountiful dinner in the grove the afternoon was pleasantly passed with music and speeches per graphophone and in conversation with neighbors.

Prof. Harvey, of the Hampden Schools, and Gordon Stewart played basket ball with the Munich city team against Brocket Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hedlund, who were married recently at Grand Forks, returned Tuesday evening from a honeymoon trip to points in Minnesota.

Emma and Eddie McDougal are visiting at Grand Forks.

Harry Howes returned from a trip into Colorado, Tuesday.  Harry says North Dakota is good enough for him.

Donald Bordson and Earl Saures were Edmore callers between trains Saturday and Monday, having dental work done.

John Furber, accompanied by his wife and family and Mrs. Ed. Furber and family took in the Devils Lake chautuaqua last week, returning to Hampden Saturday.

Rollie Strong and Miss Ida Glock left for Devils Lake Tuesday where they were joined in marriage.  The Guardian joins in wishing them a long and prosperous wedded life.

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